Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Customized feeds:
Hard to tell exactly what this will mean for researchers, but Feedster's new Feedpaper 'blogosphere' feeds are pretty fascinating. Here's the Feedster Politics page with links to Feedpapers for the presidential candidates. These are RSS feeds from blogs and news sites about the race. You can add them to your blog, if you wanted to. In the most cited example, there's a Feedpaper feed on the John Kerry site. This is also creating some confusion, as, for example, Dave Winer wondered why his blog posts were showing up on Kerry's site.

Or, even better, you can create your own feeds, according to Steven Cohen of Library Stuff, who attempted to set up his own. So far, he said, it hasn't worked yet though. Here's the Feedpaper builder. This is all pretty interesting.

Resources for priest abuse statistics:
A kind person on the NICAR-L listserv notes that a massive release of stats is coming out Feb. 27, and has a nice page of resources to help report this story.

New take on news:
Memeorandum posts news stories, with links to what bloggers are saying about them. Most popular stories remain at top, and move down page as interest wanes. According to this, the Kerry affair rumor story is still on top today.

My Wire Service is another new online news aggregator that lets you get customized news feeds.

New reporter/editor blogs:
300 Words: Orlando Sentinel writer/blogger Joe Newman (First-n-Main) is soliciting short essays on places.
Banned for Life: another blog from Merc copy editor Tom Mangan (Prints the Chaff), listing copy editors' pet peeves.

I've posted on Moblogging, and Haiti (including a couple new Haiti blogs) today, and more, on the Herald blog.


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