Monday, February 16, 2004

Libraries and searching:
In another case of a blogger getting to report on a 45 minute interview that led to 'a few words' of a story, Gary Price discusses Joel Achenbach's story in the Washington post on Web searching, Search for Tomorrow. Gary says, " I wish journalists would stop making it an either libraries OR Google thing", and goes on to emphasize his thoughts about why stories about Google often miss the point.

But Achenbach (a serious researcher himself) has created a fascinating story about how information has changed:
    " Information escapes confinement. Information has been able to break free from monasteries, libraries, school-board-sanctioned textbooks, and corporate publishers. In the Middle Ages, books were kept chained to desks. Information is now completely unchained.
    It has a life of its own -- and someday perhaps that won't be just a metaphor. "

I'd have to agree with Gary, though, that unless these stories also explain that there are library directories and researchers out there that filter information, reading about access to 'unchained' information doesn't help you much.


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