Monday, June 02, 2003

On the Rudolph story:
Open letter to Jeff Postell, officer who captured Eric Rudolph, from Robert Gabordi, editor of Asheville Citizen-Times.
"Being a cop who did the best possible job, being "the man who captured Eric Robert Rudolph," ought to be valued by society at at least 1.1 percent of what a kid out of high school (Lebron James) gets to... well, the truth is, he hasn't done anything just yet.
And if it gets offered, take the money, pay for mama's needed hip replacement surgery, help your church, take the chief out to dinner and put the rest away for a rainy day. Maybe even take a little vacation. But then get back to work.
We need people like you out on the streets, just doing their job, and putting a person like Eric Robert Rudolph behind bars."

And glad to hear that The Daily Grind coffee shop in downtown Murphy is doing a bangup business:
"At the Daily Grind coffee shop, Amy Johnson is doing some rare Sunday business. She's ringing the register all day long, selling drinks from her new menu: "Caught Ya Coffee," "Eric Espresso" and "Captured Cappuccino." (Also in The Citizen).


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