Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Free archives? What a concept!
There's a growing discussion among bloggers who say that Newspaper archives on the Web should be free: This from Doc Searls, with links to many other comments. The argument, among others: exposure in Web searches will get more traffic to newspaper sites, in the long run making more income than trying to get it directly from archives (since most people will not make the effort to find an archive site, sign up, and pay). Makes sense to me. There are good examples at The St. Petersburg Times and the The San Francisco Chronicle (including a photo archives search). More from Sheila Lennon.

More on Florida house site:
Criticism of Johnnie Byrd's takeover of Florida house Website from Daytona News-Journal's Mark Lane (Florida Blog).

And on the Herald and that photo story:
Boston Globe's Tom Oliphant on Jayson Blair and the Miami Herald's Santos story.


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