Friday, May 30, 2003

Baghdad blogger found:
The Guardian has identified Salam Pax, will be running a regular column by him.

More on News Division conference sessions:
Note one of the most popular sessions will be Webcast so researchers unable to attend can hear the talks.
Here is the session description.
4:00 - 5:30 EST, Wednesday June 11th.
Blogs, Mags, etc. How to keep up to date on the 'Net
Location: Marriott, Ziegfeld
Our 'Net gurus Gary Price and Marydee Ojala talk about keeping current on the Web and new and interesting resources. Moderator: Linda Henderson, Providence Journal. We plan to Webcast this session live for those people not able to attend. Tune in closer to the conference for more details. Speakers: Gary Price, Library Consultant; Marydee Ojala, Editor, Online Magazine.

To tune in, visit this URL during the session: The stream is being tested occasionally this week.

Bye, bye Real Cities:
The Miami Herald's website ( starting today has completely abandoned the Real Cities black livery imposed on it a year and a half ago. Started with the return to from a few months ago. Today the Herald page is brighter, with a white background (the black is gone!). The only link to the Real Cities network, formerly prominent at top, is now on bottom of the page. The whole page is sprightlier and easier to navigate. Much better. (Note on the changes here.)


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