Thursday, May 29, 2003

Blog drought?
Not quite, but I've got something else on my mind (and haven't found much to post in last couple days): Will be speaking on a panel at the IRE conference in DC next week, then on two panels at SLA (News Division) in New York. Hustling to get handouts/tipsheets and presentations together. I'll post to the site when they're done. Topics? Blogging, public records, and organizing links lists. (Note, my tipsheets look almost identical to this sample from IRE. I didn't know, I swear.....)
If you're going to be at either of these gatherings, looking forward to seeing you there. I don't get to either every year so it's a thrill to be coming to both this year. IRE and the News Division have made a concerted attempt to get researchers/news librarians to attend both conferences this year. It's a struggle since both these cities are more expensive than most and budgets are tight. So I'm not expecting to see many researchers...hope I'm proven wrong.


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