Saturday, May 31, 2003

The weekly reference collection: research gleanings:
Wow, big story: Eric Rudolph caught in Murphy NC; suspect in Olympics and abortion clinic bombings, caught in the area where the FBI's been looking for him for several years. I have a special interest in this story since we spend a lot of time in Murphy (and hope to spend a lot more).
Asheville Citizen-Times; Info on Rudolph from Court TV; Washington Post stories. Cherokee County website; Chamber of Commerce; Cherokee Scout (weekly newspaper, published Wed.)
I can't help commenting on this, from reading the first AP story: I see John Ashcroft is taking credit for this. And no mention of the name of the Cherokee County sheriff's deputy who's the real hero here.....
(Later: After watching the press conference held in Murphy, glad to see the attention given to the 21-yr-old Murphy police officer who caught Rudolph (it was a sheriff's deputy who arrived later who recognized him). )

Some interesting links on the Administration and the fallout from the "battle of Iraq" (apparently that's the Administration's new spin, not a "war"):
  • Administration quotes on WMDs compiled by a blogger named "Billmon" with links to original speeches/press releases....
  • Committee to Protect Journalists releases report on reporters' deaths in Baghdad hotel.
  • Conflict in Iraq long research document from House of Commons library.
  • Bush Administration documents on secrecy policy collected by FAS.

    The useful links....

  • ABS Ship Search from American Bureau of Shipping. Not clear what ships are covered here (Norway doesn't come up) but gives good info on ships it finds.....More searches from ABS Safenet.
  • Hurricane Resources compiled by Poynter's Dave Shedden.
  • SoYouWanna site with instructions to life's little chores. How to buy a cell phone, how to pay off your student loans....
    Governments, Politics:
  • Report to Congress: Cuba Congressional Research Service report on upcoming issues, dated 5/22/03.
  • State laws on personal watercraft
  • Amnesty International Report, 2003 on human rights.
  • City and County Data Book, 2000 New from Census, the local stats collected in one book, available online in PDF, with popular tables linked separately.
  • Chilling Effects Clearinghouse from EFF and law schools, info on trademark and intellectual property rights, especially online property questions.
  • EDGAR IQ search for individual words in EDGAR filings.
  • More on The Herald's Kentucky Derby photo story in Broward/Palm Beach New Times.
  • Rick Bragg's lousy alibi in Slate.
  • Wall St. Journal story on Rick Bragg with interview with a Miami intern who contributed to many of his stories.
  • Veterans' History Project at Library of Congress.
    News, Public Records, Florida, Tools: No links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Homewreckers, a group blog about about home remodeling. Interesting concept, and international, too.
  • The Bahamian Pipeline: two-part series in the PB Post on smuggling, by Gary Kane.
  • US finds WMDs -- in Maryland from the Guardian.


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