Saturday, February 01, 2003

Researchers, journalists and bloggers helping each other:
As is happening more and more lately, we can rely on our online colleagues to help us get through big news events. Today was no exception: early in the day, Gary Price posted some invaluable links to the NewsLib listserv, and other researchers followed suit.
Then IRE messaged us that they'd put a list of good links out: Shuttle news and research links from IRE.
This afternoon, Poynter created a couple of great resources: Shuttle Disaster links (Al Tompkins), and How to use the Net for better coverage (Steve Outing).
Dave Winer's been soliciting links on Columbia on his Scripting News site, including some from Webloggers who saw the fall, or have other useful information. Just now, Mike Reilly of Journalists Toolbox announced he is compiling links too. I'm sure there are more I should mention, but most of my browsing was focused on what I was working on today.
We are all indebted to these great online journalists, and I think the reaction to this disaster will reinforce the value of Weblogging to journalism (and vice versa?).

BTW, The Herald put out an Extra edition this afternoon (PDF here) which came out about 5 p.m. Herald coverage here.

"Look, Daddy, It's an angel". In Florida Today.


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