Friday, January 31, 2003

Friday links:
More good background stuff on war with Iraq, including Al Tompkins's links lists previously posted to the Poynter Morning Meeting site, now compiled into one page: Al's Iraq Resources.

Also from Al, linked on his page today: Beliefnet links on Iraq and war has links to info on the news from a religious/moral viewpoint.

Via Gary: Abdication Papers is a page on the previously secret documents on Edward VII and Wallis Simpson, from HM Public Record Office. It includes some page images.

And: here's the latest list of National Guard and Reserves called up as of Jan. 22.

Top linked site according to Daypop, today: Kurt Vonnegut interview in In These Times. Brief excerpt:

That said, do you have any ideas for a really scary reality TV show?

“C students from Yale.” It would stand your hair on end.


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