Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Random links:
The Miami Herald has resumed offering Discussion forums online. This is something that the old Heraldlink (and successors, up until the Real Cities takeover) offered, and were very popular. These seem to be resuming where they left off. Of course, one of the most popular is the Dave Barry forum (The Dolphins discussion, amazingly, has surged ahead). The old DB forum ended up moving to Dave, where hundreds of discussions seem to be going at once. If Dave ever adds comments to his blog, who knows what will transpire?

Judi recommends, where you can design yourself in plastic. Didn't you always want to look like a Lego character? Look for the "Mini-miser".

The kitten bands at are getting fiercer and fiercer. Wouldn't want to meet the latest kitties in a dark alley! (and I like the names 'rathergood' and 'reasonably clever'...)

If you haven't tried the Squares game, go ahead. You'll get hooked.


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