Friday, November 29, 2002

The weekly update:
An early update this week, a short week. Spent some time this week going through public records directories looking for sources I'd missed. So there are a lot of new listings below under Florida and Public Records. I'll be adding them to the directory.
Browsing the Florida sites, I came across lots of new disclaimers on the county clerks' sites, explaining that with a new law passed by the legislature this year, they can no longer make some documents available: Here's what the Escambia county's website says:
"Upon becoming law, CS/HB 1679 provides that images of the following types of documents may not be placed on a "publicly available Internet website":
Military Discharge
Death Certificates
Court files, records of paper relating to matters or cases governed by
The Florida Rules of Family Law
The Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure
The Florida Rules of Probate.
Any "affected person" may request that the Clerk of Court/Comptroller or County Recorder remove an image of one of the above-listed documents from a "publicly available Internet website."

On another angle, BRB Publications offers an article analysing "National" criminal history databases. You may have noticed that Autotrack is now offering a search of national criminal records. It's mostly a search of the free databases offered by state corrections agencies. is also offering a similar database, as well as FlatRateInfo. This article explains these databases -- and what's necessary to really do a full criminal background check -- in depth.

It's interesting that with governments rushing to close down personal records for privacy reasons, they have no compunction about making criminal records available, and in many cases leaving them available long after a person's completed a sentence.

The Links:
  • A.K.A database Author pseudonyms, pen names etc.
  • Holiday Trends and Traditions... including business trends, this page of links put together by Journalists' Toolbox.
  • Comiclopedia searchable list of comics artists from a Dutch comics store.
  • finds free Census searches worldwide.
  • Chicago, 1902-1933 photos from the archives of the Chicago Daily News, at Library of Congress.
  • Alachua County marriage records from 1837-1961.
  • Pinellas County traffic and boating violation fines, bond estreature, misdemeanors, etc.
  • Okaloosa County marriage records
  • Sarasota County marriages
    Public Records
  • Tax Refund Finder from Natl Taxpayers' Union, a database of uncollected refunds.
  • Idaho Offender search from state Dept. of Corrections.
  • Excluded parties listing system search for business excluded from federal contracts or financial assistance. From GSA.
  • Doctor disciplinary action from state Web sites from Public Citizen.
  • Colorado criminal histories from Colorado Bureau of Investigation, $5.50 per search.
  • Canadian civil aircraft registration
  • California Appellate Courts searchable case information.
  • Arizona inmates search; Arizona courts public access 137 of 180 counties.
  • Michigan Offender search from state dept of corrections.
  • Congress Track from Project Vote Smart, tracks bills, schedules, committees.
  • All-Surnames geneaology site finds surname-related websites.
  • Pay Watch AFL- CIO's list of CEO salaries updated for 2002.
  • Complete Guide to Internet statistics and research looking for stats on internet use?
  • Holiday Trends and Traditions... including business trends, this page of links put together by Journalists' Toolbox.
    News, Tools: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • AJC reporter does boot camp -- again -- 35 years later.
  • 1997: John Ashcroft on government least he USED to believe in it....
  • Nigerian newspaper This Day News apologizes to Muslims for Miss Universe/Mohammed comment....
  • Bin Laden's "Letter to America" fulltext, translated, in The Guardian.
  • Saute Wednesday a food weblog with links to newspaper food sections online.
  • South Florida columnist poetry slam in BPB New Times.
  • Boogle: a Google search with inspirational quotes and art. (Click the Boogle link to change the page).