Saturday, November 23, 2002

The weekly update:
More on the Daniel Ellsberg talk by John Hopkins in the Herald. (see original posting below).
Lots of links this week, some really useful new tools. I've moved the reference links to the top and the entertainment/diverson links to the bottom. Does this make more sense?

  • Iraq Inspections: good links a Webliography from Gary Price.
  • Global Security: Target: Iraq good links for war info/coverage.
  • 9/11 Funding Database: search the database of donations. From the Foundation Center.
  • AKA Kurdistan guide to the country and people.
  • NY Times: Standoff with Iraq nice package with links to stories, graphics, documents.
  • Melissa Data: Lookups Links to places to look up things you need, like ZIP codes, campaign contributions, place names and demographics.
  • Animal Law endangered species? Police shooting pets? A guide to the law from law prof at Detroit College of Law, Michigan State.
  • Priest Database from Survivors First, a database of abusive priests. Sorted by name only, but looks like it came from a sortable spreadsheet....
  • The Bomb Project: nuclear links.
  • NCAA records books online.
  • Limeysearch a search engine and Web directory for the UK.
  • "The Internet's answer to the drug war".
  • Maryland Interactive Traffic Mapping See road construction, weather reports, traffic signs, Webcams, for points on Maryland highways.
  • Glossary of Energy Terms from the California Energy Commission.
  • Historic Cities collections of old maps for cities worldwide. This Israeli-based site will contain over 100 maps of Jerusalem.
  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from Natl Register of Historic Places.
  • news search searches an archive of over 400,000 articles in papers all over Africa.
  • Added to Nexis: Florida fictitious names filings; El Mundo of Spain, L'Express of France, Several new Dutch newspapers and journals.
  • LLRX Newsstand news about information.
  • British Pathe search the database of over 3500 hours of newsreel films.
  • a guide to statistics sites on the Web.
  • has world rankings in many categories, and country data (from CIA World Factbook).
  • Human Development Indicators 2002: Database choose a country and find its ranking by lots of education/health/poverty/economic indicators. From UN Development Programme.
  • Tracing baby boomer attitudes then & now new report from AARP.
  • Health Insurance Coverage data from Census.
  • LANIC: Journalism links for journalists in Latin American countries.
  • The Rainbow Sourcebook from SPJ; find sources from different ethnicities/cultures. Also from SPJ: The Diversity Toolbox with tips.
  • Florida Springs a guide to the springs and ecological info.
  • Miami-Dade parking ticket search look up your ticket and pay online. If you have tag you can see tickets issued to a car. No name search.
  • Webcrawler the old search engine still around and with a nice simple search page. This metacrawler searches using Google, Looksmart, AskJeeves, Inktomi, About, Overture, FindWhat, and FAST. Results are nicely organized with suggested Websites on top, individual links below.
  • Computer Sciences Resources page from U. of Albany, more than you'll ever want to know about computers.
  • Google Language Tools search in different languages, and a translator (beta) for text or entire page.
  • Public Papers of Richard Nixon now scanned and online at the Nixon Library.
  • GovEngine find Federal, state, and local government sites.
  • BNA's Web Watch monitors Federal websites to list new offerings. Every week a different topic: This week it's health care. Other topics include bioterrorism, aviation security, etc.
  • is a nice portal to Federal and state courts nationwide, including county and municipal courts.
  • Find out how much political advertising your local TV station took in.
  • Jamaican National Heritage Trust
  • WW II Nominal Roll a database of Australians who served, about a million individuals.
  • EDGAR IQ a new free service for searching SEC EDGAR database of public company filings. Has a keyword search and you can limit or browse by industry.
    Public Records
  • Added to Nexis: Florida fictitious names filings.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Highest rated news sites include many newspapers from E&P.
  • Bush at War the Bob Woodward series excerpted from the book.
  • When they were young a Library of Congress exhibit of photos of children. This is lovely.
  • Seattle Waterfront 1907-2002 this is fascinating. See modern image of Seattle imposed over the 1907 view.
  • Doctored photos making the rounds of the Internet: story in Wired.
  • GW Bush's email....


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