Friday, November 22, 2002

It's deja vu all over again...
And as I get older this happens more and more. Today Daniel Ellsberg is in Miami for the Book Fair, and is talking about how the Tonkin Gulf Resolution got passed, and its relevance in the current situation. He worries that American soldiers may be sacrificed as bait to lure Saddam into war, in which he believes there is high support for our use of nuclear weapons. He fears, from information he's been given, that we will go to war soon -- before UN inspections can be done. He discusses these things in a Salon article out three days ago. Thirty years ago when I helped research Vietnam files for the Post's publication of the Pentagon Papers I had no idea I'd be sitting in a room in Miami with Ellsberg talking about another possible war. Life is strange. But as Ellsberg says, world leaders -- and human nature --don't change.

And, other developments...
Poynter has restored the left-hand column to Jim Romenesko's Media News page, one of the bones of contention about the remodeling....The explanation.

Search Systems, the great public records directory, has been redesigned for much easier navigation. Check it out.


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