Thursday, November 21, 2002

Weblogs and blog directories:
I added a few things to the Weblog links , mostly found in the WSJ story below:
  • The Pepys Project lists blogs by region.
  • Globe of Blogs another geographical locator.
  • Weblogs Compendium a directory of Weblog directories.
  • Blogroots links to articles about blogging.
  • Photoblogs a directory and weblog.

    Also noted: three blogs that I will check regularly:
  • Metafilter (this is one of the classics but I'd just missed it before).
  • David F. Gallagher's blog with daily photos from NYC. This one partly satisfies my desire for "Cornwallcam"-type sites from the US. I'd seen this before and liked it, but hadn't listed it.
  • A Foodie by Nature weblog on food and cooking from The Keys. Two interests satisfied!

    Librarians in the movies:
    This is a frequent topic in the Newslib list for some reason, and people never get tired of adding their movie memories. So found on Metafilter today, this list from a librarian at BYU. Maybe next time this comes up again someone can just post this address. "My" scene in All the President's Men is not described but at least it mentions that Post librarians are listed in cast...


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