Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:

There are still some good things coming out to help with understanding the effects of this year's devastating hurricanes:

Also: a couple good sites for help with online problems:

The other links:

  • Interactive map of the Civil War from National Geographic.
  • University of Florida book of insect records.
  • Findlaw special coverage: Iraq War aftermath has legal documents, news, etc. on Plame case, intelligence, UN monitoring, etc.
  • Racial Discrimination and African-American Quarterbacks in the NFL, study from Social Science Network.
  • Communicating with Young Latinos, market research study.

  • Alito resources from Library of Congress law library.
  • Resources for info on Samuel Alito from UMich library. More on Infomaniac blog.

  • SmealSearch finds academic studies, reports, from Penn State library.
  • I Want To... a whole list of links to neat Net tools. Want to share spreadsheets with others online? Do a podcast or a Wiki? Etc.
  • Mr Sapo, a new search engine that gives you a template to search any of the other engines.
  • RedLightGreen searches for books on your topic and tells you where to locate them.
  • Area Code and Time Zone database from AskSam; download free reader and the database.
  • Flight Tracking info: this brief article links/describes various resources for flight tracking. Lots more available than ever. Highly recommended: Flight Aware, a new site in beta. You can browse by type of plane (private flights included), by airport, by airline. Here's a MIA snapshot.

    Governments, Politics:
  •, search Federal Register rulemaking documents.
  • The McCarthy Hearings are online on the Senate's GPO site.

    Public Records:
  • LocatePlus is a people/public records search worth looking at: has some cell phone numbers, statewide criminal record search, driver histories in FL and several other states, etc.
  • Pennsylvania Courts site now has searchable criminal dockets.
  • Michigan Offender Tracking Information System.

  • Trends in Manufacturer Prices of Prescription Drugs Used by Older Americans, from AARP.

  • Rich Gordon on the good things in journalism's future in OJR.
  • Editorial Photographers, new organization.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Iraq: Learning the Lessons of Vietnam by Melvin Laird, in Foreign Affairs.


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