Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Resource for librarians, and a personal note:
Google announces they are starting a Google Librarian Center, where you can sign up for quarterly newsletters.
There will be lots of discussion of Google Print and Google Scholar, of course, but they'll also asking about how librarians use Google and train users. Should be interesting.
But Why not a blog? Seems like this would be a great place for real-time discussion....

The sad news for many of my old friends this week is the news that my college, Marymount College of Tarrytown NY, is closing (New York Times story). Fordham University bought it several years ago but couldn't make a go of it. They will continue to use the campus, high on the hill overlooking the Tappan Zee and just next to the Rockefeller estate, but it won't be the same. Maybe a good thing as Marymount was somehow not keeping up with the times, it seemed. But the reaction amoung the members of our class' Yahoo! Group (Marymount '67) is great sadness.
(The creation of this group has been a huge boon in my life. It has put me back in touch with some great women I once knew and thought I would never hear from again. Just one more thing that wouldn't have happened without the Internet. We will be keeping this group going even when the college is no longer there. And there will be a 40th Reunion.)

Here's one of the last snapshots of Marymount's Web site when it was still Marymount, from the Internet Archive. Note the link to International Programs. Marymount made it possible for me to spend my junior year living outside London, commuting by train to the London School of Economics. I also managed to travel that year, with other Marymount students, to Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. It's something I'd probably never have been able to do on my own.
Later I thought I wished I'd gone to a big university rather than a small Catholic women's college. But I think I was wrong.


  • I use the World Wide Web too when I give reference lists for my studets' research projects.

    But the question is, is it really safe for our kids to be dependent on internet research?

    By Blogger TEACHER SOL, at 7:07 PM  

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