Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

Posting again delayed by phone problems this weekend.

In the news last week, of course, Harriet Miers. A few good resources:
Links on Harriet Miers from Al Tompkins at Poynter; Hot Topics: Harriet Miers, links from UMich law library; Harriet Miers' campaign contributions, report from Capital Eye.

And one addition on Katrina:
Katrina Legal Aid Resource Center

The other links:

  • Allergy Capitals, Fall 2005 ranks three Florida cities in top 10.
  • Complete collection of Monty Python show scripts.
  • Searchable AskSam databases of Hamlet, DaVinci's notebooks.
  • Yoga study from American Council on Exercise, finds benefits.
  • Area Connect: recommended as a quick way to find local white and yellow pages nationwide, plus weather, maps, etc. Also good for quick state info, small town info.
  • The Origins and common usage of British swear-words, fascinating BBC essay. From H2G2, the 'guide to life, the universe, and everything'.
  • Blog searches: Clusty, Google.
  • Google Reader: search for and subscribe to RSS newsfeeds.
  • Alternatives to Traditional Transportation Fuels 2004, stats on hybrids and other alternatives, from EIA.
  • Petroleum Reserves, 2004, advance version of annual report from EIA.
  • Protecting Social Security numbers from identity theft, study by AARP.
  • The effect of rising gasoline costs on older Americans, AARP study.
  • Newspaper Audience Database, fall 2005 from NAA, large PDF. Statistics in Excel format, links to pocket guide and more.
  • The AP and FOI, includes a guide to filing FOI requests.
  • The Great Reporters is a new book by a British journalist. Among the 15 reporters listed: Miami Herald's Edna Buchanan.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Saddam trial resources: Iraq Special Tribunal, The Saddam Hussein Sourcebook (National Security Archives).
  • Bush's foreign policy team, study by RightWeb shows relationships to think tanks, PNAC, etc.
    Public Records:
  • Free CARFAX check for flood-damaged cars, need VIN number.
  • OSHA's Lost Workday Injury and Illness Database, obtained and posted in Excel format by The Memory Hole.
  • Handicap Lookup from USGA. Note the WSJ used this database to find out what corporate officers were playing golf on business trips.
  • Charity Searches: search state registrations in New York, Pennsylvania.
  • Castle Garden is where immigrants entered NY before Ellis Island. Has a separate database to search.
  • Royal Naval Seaman's records, now online from UK National Archives. Covers all seamen who served between 1853 and 1923. Scans of actual service files.
  • 2006 Florida candidates: Charlie Crist for Governor, Tom Gallagher 2006.
  • Shoot First Law: Caution in Florida, site from Brady campaign.
    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Footnoted: fascinating blog that finds tidbits buried in company reports.
  • Using the Internet for research, from John Dean.

  • Top 25 film scores of all time from AFI. Number one: Star Wars.


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