Saturday, October 22, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:

More hurricane links because the hits just keep coming:

  • More Wilma links from Al Tompkins.
  • 21 named storms from the 2005 hurricane season: great satellite image from Arlene to Wilma from NASA.
  • Some good Wilma references on Al's Morning Meeting Today.
  • Hurricane Crisis Imagery from Natl Geospacial-Intelligence Agency.

    The other links:

  • Education: The State We're In, state by state snapshot of education from Center for American Progress.
  • Census facts for Thanksgiving.
  • Immigration and Terrorism: Moving Beyond the 9/11 Staff Report on Terrorist Travel from Center for Immigration Studies.
  • Separate and Unequal: Residential Segregation and Estimated Cancer Risks Associated with Ambient Air Toxics in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, NIH study.
  • Conflict, State and Decentralisation: from social progress to an armed dispute for local control, 1974-2002 from Universidad de los Andes.
  • Healthline: this new portal site for health info is getting rave reviews from researchers, as easiest to use.
  • CommonCensus Map Project is redrawing the map of the U.S. based on how people relate to cities.
    There's also a Sports team influence Map Project.
  • PR Newswire for Journalists: RSS Feeds; get newsfeeds on dozens of different topics from PR Newswire. There's also a 'My Yahoo' and a 'My MSN' button for the easiest possible newsfeed setup.
  • InformBeta test of a new news aggregator with great features. They say it works best in IE, not Firefox.
  • Census report on work-day populaton of cities.
  • American Community Survey, from Census, now has released 2004 data.
  • Child Poverty in States hit by Hurricane Katrina, report from Natl Center for Children in Poverty at Columbia's Mailman School.
  • Latest fuel economy ratings for 2006 vehicles from EPA.
  • Digest of Education Statistics, 2004.
  • Crime in the United States, 2004, latest Uniform Crime Reports from FBI.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Consitution of the U.S., 2002 edition from GPO.
  • New Bankruptcy law explained from U.S. Courts website.
  • Latest Transparency International Corruption Index, 2005.
  • Doing Business database from World Bank, get quick economic snapshots of a country.
  • 50 years of World Press Photos of the Year.
  • Annual Report on Homeless Conditions in Florida, 2005 from DCF.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Kansas City Star's Greg Reeves is doing a Crime Scene KC blog.
  • Is your printer spying on you? that report from EFF.


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