Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Political conventions, protests and politics (shades of '68)

Deja vu. Amazing news about the arrest of Amy Goodman and two colleagues from FSTV and Democracy Now, as St. Paul and Minneapolis police seem to be overreacting to anti-war protesters and media coverage.

Goodman's gentle but determined coverage of the news has been growing on me over the last few months.

The networks' websites have details; lots more links at Boing Boing. In 1968 it was the democratic convention that exploded. This year, Republican? Hmm. Is this just the beginning?
(Updated:) Michael Froomkin has been following links to the protests and police reaction in the Twin Cities, too.

In other political discussion, interesting reactions to the Palin appointment. Among them, PolitFact's Flip-o-Meter, which has added a new posting about Palin's so-called opposition to the 'bridge to nowhere'. PolitFact's ruling: a complete flip.

Joel Achenbach, as usual, has some interesting thoughts about the Palin questions, in Achenblog: Vetting is for Wimps.
You can see why America is a great country.....You can go from beauty queen to sports anchorwoman to snowmobile saleswoman to mayor of a town so small that the town hall looks, according to Carville, like a "south Louisiana bait shop" -- and still, in just a couple of years, with a twist of fate here and there, wind up first in line to be the Leader of the Free World.

That 'bait shop' city hall? Think Carville's exaggerating? Note these photos of Wasilla, Alaska, posted on the South Florida Daily Blog.

Isn't it time for some fun about the campaigns? The Jib Jab folks have done it again, with Vote Here. (Thanks, Deb.)



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