Monday, August 25, 2008

A roundup, of sorts

After a slow week, a couple interesting new research blogs:

  • Paper Trail Blog from Center for Public Integrity, links to useful and interesting public records background to stories in the news.
  • Lisa Gold: Research Maven: she lists great tips for finding research resources, writing, and more.

    A couple research resources:

  • Sports Illustrated's Vault gives access to 50 years of fulltext stories, covers, and images.
  • State Digital Resources: Memory Projects, Online Encyclopedias, Historical & Cultural Materials Collections. The Library of Congress compiles a list of state resources. This is great. I know of a few states' encyclopedias but knew there had to be more. They're all listed here.

    And this:

  • 5 ways newspapers botched the web, from Valleywag. Interesting recap of several of Knight-Ridder's online initiatives like Viewtron, Real Cities and New Century Network, along with The New York Times' Abuzz and newspaper consortium's Classified Ventures. On Knight Ridder's involvement, this:
    Knight Ridder ignored the pessimists and committed to investing $25 million in its new online business. "I live in terror that some big thing's going to happen that I don't see coming," Knight Ridder New Media President Bob Ingle told BusinessWeek. What Ingle didn't envision: nothing happening.

    (Updated:) Oh, and I should have added this, posted to the Newslib group this week by Kitty Bennett: Convention History (1856-2008), a great compilation of links from Poynter's David Shedden.

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