Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Finding a new kind of journalism

Is there a place for 'former' journalists in this new world? You bet there is. Here's a wonderful example, from American Journalism Review: Voice in the Wilderness. James Gannon, former editor of the Des Moines Register and Detroit News Washington Bureau Chief, took a buyout a few years back and moved to rural Virginia.

With only a weekly paper in the area, he decided there was a need for more updated news, so he started an online news service, The Rappahanock Voice.

What does this old newsman think about the new media?
It's kind of made a believer of me, Gannon says. I'm an old print guy. I love newspapers, and I still love picking up newspapers and turning the page reading, but that's happening less and less. This is where journalism is going whether we like it or not, and you have to get with it.



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