Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Trained Democracy Superheroes"

That's what this MSNBC report calls librarians, specifically librarian (and former newspaper reporter) Carol Kreck, who was ticketed for holding a "McCain=Bush" sign outside a town hall meeting. ProgressNow has the video, plus an appeal for Kreck's defense fund.

(Updated:) but wait! the wingers have found out that, yes, she is a former reporter! and may be connected to Progress Now! So obviously she's a bad person and deserves whatever she gets (one commenter here wondered why she wasn't tased). Arghhh.

More bad press for the McCain campaign: MojoBlog's shocked reaction to McCain's calling Social Security a 'disgrace'.
This is not the first time that McCain has hinted that he will follow in Bush's Social-Security-dismantling footsteps.
More here and here (McCain's Ignorance about Social Security Is the Real "Disgrace").



  • Well it IS true that reporters are scum and as a rule, should be ass fucked with a torpedo, this shriveled up old cunt still had the right to protest on public property as long as she wasn't disturbing the peace. That doesn't change the fact that reporters are sub human swine who deserve slow, painful agonizing deaths.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:41 AM  

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