Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Who gets the news? And a disturbing development

Joel Achenbach is watching the blogs who claim to get the news the 'mainstream media' don't: News we remembered to report.

And, in a later posting, down near the bottom of this roundup, Joel links to a Blogoland comment on blogger Glenn Reynolds' brag about 'better than mainstream media' reporting on Iraq, which links to:
A New York Times story expanded upon by a blog
A straight ABC News report (twice)
A straight Reuters story
A straight Knight-Ridder story
The New Republic’s Iraq’d blog
A link to USAid’s website
A link to Iraq the Model commenting on some local newspaper accounts
an L.A. Times story examined by a blog
a Seattle Post-Intelligencer story examined by a blog
A straight AP report
a New Zealand newspaper story examined by a blog
A link to a round-up of Iraq blogs
A link to the WMD- Intelligence Commission report
A link to some sort of ID bracelet/donation site
A link on “ways to support the troops”
A link to an Iraq toy drive
Blogoland's comment: "Yeah, who needs the press at all when you have bloggers who rely almost exclusively on them for their content?"

Unrelated sidebar: also mentioned in the first Achenbach posting, a story about the U.S. Forest Service making a deal with a developer to open up millions of acres of Montana land for subdivisions. Scary enough, but with a great summary from Joel:
The problem with this kind of development is that it's sort of the worst of all worlds: You lose the open space but don't get, in exchange, anything that resembles a real community. The houses are vacant most of the year. No one has roots there.
Yup. Exactly what we are seeing around here, where although we live in a national forest area, much of the land is still privately owned and developers are glad to buy an unused, forested hill from descendants of those who farmed the valleys and put in manicured treeless ridgetop lots for vacation cabins (where it's too hot in summer days with the trees gone and too windy the rest of the year). Ruining the view for the rest of us.

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