Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Following up

Great discussion by Jay Rosen on the Jessica DaSilva flap (yesterday's post) at Pressthink: Big Daddy Newspaper Has Gone and Left Journalism. Lots of links to reaction to her blog and the story of dying newspapers in general here.

Most of all, a link to a new site that is an antidote to the 'curmudgeon class': Tree House Media Project. Check out the blog, too. You gotta love a site that proclaims: Fuck Craig's List. Fuck Wall Street. Yes, we have ample reason to be bitter. Times have never been worse for newspaper journalists.

And Da Silva? The girl's got a future in some sort of journalism. Here's her comment on the Pressthink posting:
I admit I'm young, but I like to think of myself as optimistic and hopeful about journalism. And I attribute that to having an open mind in describing the role of journalist; it's not just paper anymore.
Another problem I (and my peers) have encountered in internships is an eagerness to turn us away from journalism or jade us in some way. We all wonder why. I mean, if we all followed the popular mantra of "go to law school and make your mother proud," then what would be the future of journalism?
I'm sure people will jump all over me for saying that, but I have tough skin. I've gotten much worse reporting on the student government.

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