Sunday, May 18, 2008

A few research links, and a last note on the Bush/Obama flap

  • UN Data: search or browse all the statistics, including latest news.
  •, unofficial guide to DMVs in all 50 states.
  • VINcheck from Natl Insurance Crime Bureau, find if a vehicle is reported stolen.
  • Canadian Police Information CentreHas a similar search for Canada.
  • Using to create dynamic Web links pages: great presentation showing steps to making links and feeding them to populate subject guides. Newsroom intranet editors, take note. This could be really useful and is well explained.

  • This headline caught my eye on Memeorandum today: from the L.A. Times, Negotiating isn't Appeasement, by J. Peter Scoblic.
    ...if there is anything that has been discredited by history, it is the argument that every enemy is Hitler, that negotiations constitute appeasement, and that talking will automatically lead to a slaughter of Holocaust-like proportions.

    (updated:) And one more, from Patrick Buchanan: Bush Plays the Hitler Card.
    ...Eisenhower, Nixon, Gerald Ford and Reagan all met with foreign dictators with blood on their hands, without loss to America, and sometimes with impressive gains.
    What has Bush's refusal to talk to Hamas, Hezbollah, Damascus and Tehran done to make either Israel or America more secure?

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