Friday, May 09, 2008

Memories of stories past

In the Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg is covering the Guantánamo trial. She may be the only reporter who's been covering Guantánamo from the beginning.
Glitches mar debut of Guantánamo war court.

But over at the Los Angeles Times, they have a couple stories that I don't see linked from the Herald's front page: Miami Beach home of Versace reopens as a restaurant-hotel. The memories of that day when Versace was shot and the hunt for his murderer, who it turned out had had a cross-country spree that ended up on an empty houseboat, are chilling.

And this: Luis Posada Carriles, a terror suspect abroad, enjoys a 'coming-out' in Miami.
Terrorist or hero? Depends on where you're from, I guess.

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