Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A good day for voting

It's good to be a North Carolina voter today. The couple-mile drive to the polling station at the rural firehouse was in the middle of a glorious spring day, with leaves out on most of the trees and lush green grass; even the wait for the paving crew redoing our little state highway was pleasant. There's a friendly reception at the station, where only a couple other people were voting at 2:00, and the poll workers said lots of folks from our road have voted today too.

There are lots of races on the ballot, at least statewide, and several interesting candidates to vote for.

And, every time the phone rings the last couple days, it's Bill or Chelsea or Hillary herself on the other end.

It's nice to be wanted. A few months ago it looked like this primary would have no meaning in the presidential race. How things change.

(Updated: Well, to be fair, there was one call from a candidate for state treasurer. But nothing from Barack, sob.)

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