Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Survey for Elderbloggers. Or older bloggers.

Over at Time Goes By, Ronni Bennett has set up a survey to find out more about bloggers over 50. Says Ronni:
The goal is to find out what elderbloggers are like, how we may be similar and how we are different, how we relate to technology, how we came to be bloggers or blog readers, how we feel about it and what our demographics are.
This is for bloggers and blog readers, so if you're in the age group and have any interest in blogs -- and you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't -- help out by taking this brief survey. It says it takes 20 minutes but I think I did it in 5.

(I'd have posted the graphic link to the survey but Blogger isn't letting me upload images right now.)

(Added later:) I love this, in an earlier post on Ronni's blog, in her 'Crabby Old Lady' guise:
One of the pleasures of writing primarily for elders is they understand historical references or know how to look them up. A young reader emailed about yesterday’s post asking who Joe McCarthy is and why Crabby hadn’t explained.
The key phrase: 'How to look them up'. Who's reading blogs who doesn't know how to google or wiki?



  • I'm late getting here, but thank you for the pointer to the elderblogger survey. Because of you and others who have linked to it, hundreds are taking the survey.

    The young reader was mostly taking Crabby Old Lady to task for not explaining within the story who Joe McCarthy is.

    It worries me that we are losing our shared culture by younger people not knowing the recent cultural references. It's not like Joe McCarthy was a minor congressman from - oh, say the second Adams administration. And if the mid-20th century HUAC hearings and their consequences are not being taught in school these days, they surely our educational system is failing in much more than sinking reading skills.

    Of course, if you can't read, you can't know much of anything.

    Thanks, again for the link...

    By Anonymous Ronni Bennett, at 6:23 AM  

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