Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One researcher: 4 or 5 Pulitzers

Following up on yesterday's post on Washington Post researcher Julie Tate, there's a profile of her in City Paper: The Unsung Hero of the Washington Post. Nice takeout on what a great researcher provides to investigative stories. Note the story says she was involved in 4 of the 6 Post Pulitizer-winning stories, and has contributed to at least one previous Pulitzer winner.
Is the Post's research staff going to take hits from the latest buyout plan?
Downie says the unit is critical to the paper’s investigative work and is keeping a close eye on how it fares in the buyout. “The research staff is one that we wouldn’t want to short on resources,” says Downie. “What exact number that means, I don’t know. We wouldn’t allow it to be imperiled.”

(Thanks to contributors to the NewsLib listserv.)

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