Thursday, May 08, 2008

If you don't read anything else this week...

Please read this story about one soldier killed in Iraq and how his death affected everyone who had anything to do with getting his body home to be buried in Indiana.

In Esquire, The Things That Carried Him, by Chris Jones.

Joe Montgomery was only one of more than 4,000. This is essential reading for anyone who thinks the deaths of soldiers is not important to every American.
Sergeant Dunaway sat in the jump seat between the pilots, Sergeant Montgomery's paperwork and medals on his lap. As they approached Freeman Field, Jones and Linton circled, high in the bright blue sky. From the ground, it looked as though the pilots were offering a sweeping final salute. They were only getting their bearings.
After they touched down and taxied toward the open-sided hangar, they took stock of the waiting crowd. This is going to be tough, Linton thought. "It just seems the smaller the town, the bigger the turnout," he said later.

...Karen Giles tells a story about another young airman, who was polishing the brass on a dead soldier's uniform jacket. He was using a little tool, a kind of buffer, to make sure that every button shined. A visitor complimented him on his attention to detail. "The family will really appreciate what you're doing," the visitor said. But the airman replied, "Oh, no, sir, the family won't know about this." The airman told him that the family had requested that their son be cremated, and just a short while later, he was.



  • Thank you, I like

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  • Yes, this one broke my damn heart. I worked for the military and I still take every once of these deaths personally. I force myself to read every single story like this because I want to remain angry.

    By Anonymous webdoyenne, at 11:08 AM  

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