Thursday, January 10, 2008

Car of the future?

Finally, there's a picture of the new car from Tata Motors in India, the unveiling of which was announced a few days ago (with no photos). From Reuters (in the International Herald Tribune): Tata Motors rolls out the $2,500 'Nano' in India,

It's always good to see someone doing something new in the car market, particularly if it's low cost and non-gas-guzzling. (OK, the Yugo didn't make it, but give this one a chance.) Not much here about fuel usage, but the engine is just over 600 cc so can't be too bad.
Tata planned the car years ago as a safer and affordable alternative for the millions who often ferry families of four, plus baggage, on motorbikes and scooters.
It's hard to think of all those families adding to the fuel demand, on top of the increased demand from China, but maybe won't add a lot more than those motorbikes and scooters already did.

And, why not a car from India? You can already buy a Mahindra tractor down at the local Tractor Supply store. And we're happily buying Haier appliances from China (not to mention all the LGs, Samsungs, etc. from Korea).



  • There's evidently a huge demand for a small, inexpensive automobile. Chrysler and Nissan plan to build something similar to the Tata, in China for Latin America. I wouldn't deny the developing world a share of the world's oil, but I'd be happier if I saw them -- and especially the industrial nations -- putting more thought into communal and alternative transportation.

    By Blogger JHop, at 6:43 AM  

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