Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend update: More research links

Beginning of the year, time for new useful reports to come out. And a few other things:

  • Public Records Wire announces new online databases. You can also browse or search the complete list.
  • Massachusetts cases being put online by Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries. Now available covering 1986-1996. Cases from 1997 on are available at Lawyers' Weekly.
  • National Methamphetamine Threat Assessment 2008 from DoJ.
  • Why The Worst is Probably Over in Iraq, report from American Enterprise Institute.
  • Healthcare faces pivotal year in 2008 says PricewaterhouseCoopers’ health research institute in its annual review of the top health industry issues.
  • World Oil Transit Chokepoints. report from Energy Information Administration.
  • Transportation Service Index and the Economy, a BTS technical report.
  • Pakistan’s Institutions and Civil Society, report from Council on Foreign Relations.
  • How Green is your Candidate? Interviews and analysis from Grist and Outside.
  • How to Never Spend Money on PC Software Ever Again; a guide to free software from a Virginia librarian.


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