Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend update: More research links

A few very cool things showed up over the last couple weeks:

  • Policy Jargon Decoder from the Urban Institute.
  • Digital Economy Fact Book (PDF) from Progress & Freedom Association.
  • 2008 Statistical Abstract now released.
  • The Alphabetizer will alphabetize any list you past into it, strip out html, etc.
  • A student's guide to medical literature from University of Colorado Health Sciences Center's Denison Library.
  • Executive Pay Finder from SEC, search filings by company, industry, capitalization, revenue. (This didn't work for me in Firefox, only IE.)
  • Secondhand Songs database, finds all cover versions since the original. Here's Long Black Veil, originally by Lefty Frizzel.
  • Foundation Center's Trend Tracker, get history of groups' financial disclosures.
  • UK Medical Register search for general practitioners in the UK.


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