Monday, December 17, 2007

'Stuck' is lost

After just a couple years of developing itself into Miami's most entertaining and newsworthy blog, Stuck on the Palmetto is out of here. Michael Froomkin notes the loss, and asks why they didn't at least leave the archives up.

It was a bad month for Rick and Alex on 'Stuck' when Rick took offense at another blogger's suggestion that he knew what Rick did for a living. Rick, who started the blog and who was very protective of his identity, has had lots of acrimonious exchanges with other Miami bloggers that degenerated into name-calling. Obviously this time it went too far and maybe it's best that Rick does retire from the blogging business.

But it's too bad because as an ex-Miamian, I depended on the blog to keep me up to date on what's happening there in a way that I couldn't get from my old newspaper, the Miami Herald, or any other online papers or blogs. It was an heroic effort and much appreciated.

Miami -- and South Florida -- is a tough place to work and live in, though, and when you put your personality out in public, you will get run through the mill.

If you don't think hatred and suspicion rules there, just read the comments on Miami Herald stories these days, it's disgusting. (Example: Lisa Arthur's wonderful series on a homeless veteran, or Beth Reinhardt's story about the Obama Muslim rumors. There's no way the Herald's online editors can keep up with the hatred and slander-filled comments there, let alone the racist stuff. *)

(Updated:) Carlos Miller recaps the story since you can't get it at the 'Stuck' site any more.
(Later update:) archives of Stuck on the Palmetto are were (have been removed) still available at, a unique project to archive all Florida blogs from the folks at Spacecoastweb. (Thanks for the reminder from a commenter at Froomkin's blog.)
(Updated Wed:) The Herald's Evan Benn writes about the controversy and the closing, in Online Fight Ends Blog.

* On the Obama story comments: one commenter states as fact that Obama was sworn into the Senate with his hand on a Koran. Oh, yes, and he's a 'liberal socialist'. Where do they get this stuff?

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  • Rick contacted me about the archives surviving on, asking if I could take them down. I sympathize with his plight, and have removed those archives from the public view.

    I still have those posts in my database, but they are no longer accessible to the public. Generally, I would not choose to shutter these archives, but my desire to preserve Rick's anonymity trumps my misgivings about removing previously available information from public view.

    For historical reasons, something of this unique site must be kept for posterity. For today, however, I can't see a legitimate reason to deny Rick's request.

    By Anonymous spacecoastweb, at 4:37 PM  

  • It's great to see someone taking Rick's right to his privacy seriously. Kudos to you, spacecoastweb!

    By Blogger C.L. Jahn, at 1:09 AM  

  • I guess I agree that if Rick asked, there's no way to refuse. But I don't understand the concept. Rick published all those posts knowing it was all public. Maybe comments could have been deleted, but how could the postings be a problem?
    As Froomkin said, it's local history that needs to be preserved. But then, probably no one will remember in a few months anyway.....

    By Blogger liz, at 10:38 AM  

  • Let's look at a hypothetical situation: my employer sets a policy that no one is to attend to personal business on company computers. The IT department isn't set to monitor network traffic, so it's on the honor system.

    But while working online, I find things of interest that I want to share on my blog. I take a minute to grab the link, write up a note and post it to my website. It's taken only seconds to do, and I still get my assigned to its goal in the time allotted.

    Suddenly, my employer finds out that I've been writing 10 articles a day that appear on the internet under a pseudonym, and finds out where. Upon reading the site, my employer realizes that 2/3 of the articles were posted during hours I was sitting at my desk. BANG - I'm fired.

    IN this hypothetical case, my posts were public, my identity was not. If I had known that my privacy was about to violated, I would have been well advised to cover my tracks in order to keep my job.

    By Blogger C.L. Jahn, at 11:14 PM  

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