Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Obituary of an obit writer

Nice sendoff in The Telegraph of their former obituaries editor, Hugh Massingberd, who died at 60.
...he never sought a heavyweight reputation as a journalist. On the contrary, he developed an easy and conversational style which drew on the infinite stores of his brain in the lightest and most readable vein.
...Telegraph readers found themselves regaled by such characters as Canon Edward Young, the first chaplain of a striptease club; the last Wali of Swat, who had a fondness for brown Windsor soup; and Judge Melford Stevenson, who considered that "a lot of my colleagues are just constipated Methodists".
The column also made a speciality of tales of derring-do from the Second World War. The foibles of aristocrats proved another fertile source.

Telling quote, from the Comments on this story:
We here in the States have had to come to England (on the Internet Sky Train) to find stimulating, decent, informative, & witty obituaries (if S.I. Newhouse and Cousin Pinch only had another billion dollars to play with...)


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