Monday, August 20, 2007

Last week's research links

Just a few this week, and they've been featured on all the research blogs, but so important they're worth a repeat mention anyway:

  • Intelius has added cell phone numbers to its public records and phone search service. The phone lookup search now includes "cell phones, unlisted & un-published numbers, internet (VOIP), and other phone types. Phone Lookup also includes the option to confirm current and historical addresses and phone connections within the report." Search is free but record costs $14.95.
    I haven't used Intelius yet but it seems to be becoming the dominant search service for those who only occasionally need access to this sort of people finding research and don't have access to services like Accurint, Reporters Edge, Autotrack, etc.
  • WikiScanner is causing a huge buzz as it lets you find out what organization's IP numbers are the source for edits on Wikipedia. Fun collection of reader-discovered edits at Wired's Threat Level blog. (I also found 34 edits came from The Miami Herald's IP. Most of them are North Carolina home-town references, one on recent changes in the Orlando Sentinel newsroom, and only one on a South Florida topic (a high school).
    The site also links to several sources of edits, including government agencies, news operations, corporations and places (like Havana, Cuba).
  • Xtimeline lets readers create timelines in blog/wiki-like format. This could be a useful source when looking for quick background, but would certainly require double checking if used as basis of a published timeline. This looks like a great playground for news researchers, who often make a habit of writing timelines. (Via Depth Reporting)
  • American War and Military Operations Casualties, Lists and Statistics, a CRS report to Congress listing all casualty figures since Revolutionary War, with links to sources for statistics.

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