Friday, August 17, 2007

Mine safety

There's been very little discussion about the safety issues behind the mine collapse in Utah, but Huffington Post has been on it, wondering why news organizations haven't looked into this more. Here's Arriana Huffington: Why Are the New York Times and So Much of the Traditional* Media Neglecting a Vital Part of the Utah Mine Collapse Story?, and Max Follmer: Utah Mine Owner: Troubling Safety Record, Useful Political Clout.
From Huffington:
But we get precious little on the Murray who had enough political muscle to get a Mine Safety and Health Administration district manager who had cracked down on safety issues at one of Murray's mines reassigned (clearly, contributing $213,000 to Republican candidates over the last ten years, as well as another $724,500 to Republican candidates and causes through political action committees connected to Murray's businesses, has its benefits).

Both stories do link to some coverage from local and other papers. These were posted a couple days ago, with some reaction from blogs. Will there be a larger investigative report from someone?

The Charleston (W.Va) Gazette's Ken Ward, who won an Investigative Reporters and Editors medal this year for his work on mine safety, is asking those questions, and posted this at Nieman Reports: Why is it OK for the coal industry to break the law? See also Ward's report in Washington Monthly earlier this year, Shafted: How the Bush administration reversed decades of progress on mine safety. . Here's some of his work for the Gazette: Beyond Sago.


  • I would like to say first and fore mostly that I do not know much about mining. No, I do not know why there has not been a better form of retrieving minerals etc. from the ground invented in this modern age. And, no, I do not know the safety regulations for mining. All I know is that all of these mines should not be collapsing and all of these miners should not be dieing. Some people say that more miners have died since Bush has become president. I think that makes no sense. He is obviously not trying to kill the people helping his country. It is most likely a simple coincidence. Anyway, my view is that if these people are going to be going into the mines they should always be wearing some sort of tracking device. I don't know if they already do, but I think that it could be useful in finding miners in trouble. President Bush and all of his minions simply need to brainstorm and work with the miners to find a safe solution.

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