Monday, August 13, 2007

Ridders' legacy

A side note for former Knight-Ridder colleagues who are probably still wondering, like me, how things could have gotten so bad that the corporation had to sell out to McClatchy: In his Content Bridges blog, former KR exec Ken Doctor reported last week on a story in the San Jose Mercury News, where the headquarters building is renting. (The KR sign is still on top).

Most of us were shocked when Tony Ridder announced he was moving the company HQ to San Jose from Miami about ten years ago. 'To be close to Silicon Valley' was the excuse. What we didn't know was that this valley digs came with expensive wood and marble trimmings, and went for $120 a square foot, or at least 3 times the normal cost.

No wonder my former KR stock (there's still a little in my 401k) is worth a quarter of what it was three years ago.


  • Amen. Ridder sold us all down the river, and he comes out a rich man with positions on Silicon Valley boards. He screwed us all and walked away.
    -- a 25-year KR veteran

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:27 PM  

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