Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend update: More research links from the week

This week more interesting things showed up than there have been in several. I guess the dog days of summer don't slow everyone down. Some interesting new links in the public records area, particularly....

The links:

  • Journal Info, a guide to academic journals.
  • Reverse Directories in the Library of Congress. Need a 1960s-era Criss Cross or Street directory from your city? Check to see if the Library has it. You'll have to visit the Library and be a Registered Reader.
  • Lit2Go, from Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse, is links to books and children's literature in audio formats for computers or MP3 players.
  • US News' Best Cars and Trucks, new review aggregator.
  • Iraq Timeline from American Progress.

  • CDC Wonder, easy access to health statistics, including mapping and charting: How to use it.
  • The Economic Census: includes industry, job, business data.

    Governments, Politics:
  • 2008 Campaign Timeline from CQ Politics.
  • NCSL 50-State Legislative Tracking Web Resources
  • FTC Reporter Resources include consumer, business guides on topics from oil and gas to identity theft to funerals.

  • NNDB, a names database with links to brief biographies and lists of related persons. Looks a bit like Namebase in style, but entries are wiki-like.

  • Alternatives to Acrobat for making PDFs, tips from Walt Mossberg.

    Public Records:
  • State Agency Databases, a Wiki with links from Government Documents Round Table. Very comprehensive lists of databases from state agencies: see Florida, for example (other state lists are less complete so far). There's also a blog, highlighting the State Database of the Day. Could be a useful alternative to public records directories. I found one new database here immediately, a link to Vermont court records online (for a fee).
  • MSB by state database; from (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)), this is a directory of Money Services Businesses like check cashing, currency exchanges, and money transfer businesses; Excel spreadsheet by state.
  • PACER has added U.S. District Court written opinions to case documents available online (press release).


    • > Need a 1960s-era Criss Cross or Street directory from your city?

      Also check your local library. At mine, we have them in hard copy going back to 1911 and further back on microfilm.

      By Blogger bentley, at 11:34 AM  

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