Monday, January 29, 2007

Fadely on journalism

Via Roy Greenslade's Guardian blog on news media (and Common Sense Journalism), a link to Chuck Fadely's blog, NewspaperVideo. Chuck has great tips on how newspaper journalists can make the transition to video online. But there's a lot more than just tips: there's also serious discussion of the future of newspapers and print media. For example, commenting on writer Michael Browning, who died recently, led to this:
Right now, we've got another problem with language. Newspaper editors in general don't speak the language of multimedia and images. They can't wrap their minds around the possibility of telling a story in some other way than words. They don't know how to take a great story and make an interactive graphic out of it. They don't know how to visualize a video that will tell all the emotion and character of a story without words. They don't know how to look at a photo and find a thousand words in it. They don't know how to make a web page that sings. They don't have the visual language skill.

Chuck Fadely, a Miami Herald photographer for years, has been a pioneer in transitioning to digital and now online. He's had a website for several years. It used to be devoted to digital photography, now features videos. The subtitle: Life doesn’t stand still. Neither do pictures.
And this, on the cost of doing journalism:
We had the belt-tightening meeting yesterday. No layoffs, though, they promise. Me, I'm still pushing to get a broadcast camera in the hopes of having marketable footage. Ain't gonna happen, but we can dream, can't we?
At least us new media folks will be the last ones out.

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