Friday, January 26, 2007

World opinions: what you expected?

Some interesting recent polling reports on World Public Opinion:

Most Iranians think their country should be allowed to enrich uranium, but that it should comply with Non-Proliferation Treaty requirements that it not be used to build nuclear weapons. As well, a majority of Americans agree, as long as UN inspections are allowed.
Majorities in both countries have negative views of each other, but most say they would encourage discussion between the two nations.
Nearly three-quarters of Iranians have a negative view of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, and large majorities consider international terrorism a threat.

Not so surprising, the world view of America is getting worse. 73 percent oppose our policy in Iraq. Majorities also disapprove of our policies on Iran, Korea, global warming, Guantanamo, and Israel.

Also, Cuban approval of the Castro government is down to 47 percent. Most Cubans are not happy with their personal freedoms (only a fourth approve). But three fourths are proud of their educational and health advances. (The percentage of those that think their personal freedoms are acceptable is the lowest of 100 countries surveyed.) A very interesting survey with lots more stats.

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