Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Politics, research and knitting

Some interesting things this morning worth pointing at:

The Politico launched this morning. Who needs another new political news site? This one, from Allbritton and staffed by former Wash. Post political reporters and lots more, may help provide some balance. We'll see. Attytood reviews.
I didn't know there was a print version too.... links to a comment on a study on the value of research. Does anyone dispute that? Well, according to the Free Exchange on Campus site, some would rather 'researchiness':
And of course the best part of researchiness is that you can refer to other researchiness reports as evidence of your own findings.

Are you a 'wikipediholic', or 'cheesepodder'? a 'cyberchondriac? Fun study from the New Scientist on types of Web users: Just can't get e-nough.

And, just can't pass this one by, since I mentioned knitting: Boing Boing points to instructions on how to knit a tree hammock.


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