Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend thoughts

No new research links this week. That might be a first.
Maybe next week...especially if the computer is fixed...

Have been enjoying being here in really nice weather. Warm weekend this week after a blustery one last week and a couple freezing days early. But today it got up to 72 and I've been working inside with doors open to air out the house. Cooling down now, but....this just isn't right. I know there are warm spells occasionally in January in this corner of western North Carolina, but this is crazy. It's been warm most days this month. Meanwhile people in the Midwest are struggling with cold, snow and ice.

This morning I watched An Inconvenient Truth (thanks, L&J) and I continue to wonder why everyone doesn't care more about this. I've been recycling for years, as much as I can (South Miami had the best recycling program so far of anywhere I've lived). We buy energy-efficient appliances, have replaced almost all light bulbs with energy-saving ones, drive small fuel-efficient cars, insulate and weatherproof, keep the heat and AC low....Why doesn't everyone?

On another topic, I've gotten back to knitting after about 25 years and am getting hooked. There are plenty of knitters out there and knitting bloggers, too. So if I start a knitting blog, it'll be a poor contribution to the genre. I'm tempted, though...



  • Thirty years ago, An Inconvenient Truth was Global Cooling. Now it is Global Warming. And in another thirty years, it will be Global Cooling again.

    Anyway, I have been doing my part towards energy conservation. Every chance I get I substitute using whale oil instead of petroleum products.

    By Blogger PJ-Comix, at 10:36 PM  

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