Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dell shock

Yesterday morning I broke down and ordered a desktop from Dell. I'd tried several times Monday but couldn't get a connection to last long enough to do it. Tuesday the connection was close to normal, so I went ahead. The site said this computer could be shipped on the 23d, a long time to wait, and 3-5 day shipping would be free. So I expected a week and a half.

This morning a call from UPS said the computer would arrive today and we have to be here. A check of email revealed a confirmation notice from Dell, and said the computer had been shipped. UPS tracking says it left Greensboro yesterday and arrived in Franklin, the local UPS depot, overnight, and went out on a truck this morning.

I'm in shock. My other computer is still in the shop...after 8 days. I expected to get that one back within a few days and then think about buying a new one, which I've been knowing I'd need to get within the year.

With my luck I'll be spending the next few days configuring two computers. Hmm.

At least when all this is done I should be able to get back to posting more regularly. I'm working at a laptop and it's not comfortable to spend more than an hour online, so not up to speed. Haven't seen much I want to post anyway. The news is just too depressing.


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