Wednesday, January 24, 2007

E. Howard Hunt

For those of us who are still Watergate buffs, E. Howard Hunt's death was big news last night and this morning. The Miami Herald, thank goodness, put Nicholas Spangler on the obituary, and Nick did Hunt proud.

Not many left in Miami who remember much of the Watergate connection there but it was huge. When I went to work at the Herald I was transfixed reading all the clips of the coverage then. Arnold Markowitz, who I sat next to for years, many years later, wrote the first. At the Washington Post, there was no access at the time to the Herald's stories; I wish I had had them then.

Among the people Spangler got quotes from: Eugenio Martinez and Bernard Barker, two of the original burglars. They're all in their 80s now. A lot of history is going away.

(Added later:) For more, Carl Bernstein will be talking about Hunt at 3 PM today on Washington Post obit here. It mentions a Hunt autobiography, coming out in March. Can't wait.

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