Friday, December 08, 2006

Old news, and new news

One of the stories that obsessed the Miami Herald newsroom the first year I was there was the murder of Adam Walsh. Still, 25 years later, there's no resolution to this gruesome brutal murder of a child.

But there's news today from Arthur Jay Harris, who writes in a Miami Daily Business Review front page story that many signs point to Jeffrey Dahmer as the killer. Fascinating story, recounting Dahmer's Miami history with interviews with people who knew him, as well as two men (including a Miami Herald pressman) who saw a scary man they identify as Dahmer at the mall where Adam was snatched and tried to let police know. Who Killed Adam Walsh?

The other news is that I've just switched my blogs to the new Blogger beta. I haven't investigated changes in the template and settings yet, but am beginning to add labels for the first time. Look for more changes.

(Oop, I was so excited about the new Blog that I forgot to credit Daily Pulp for the Dahmer story link. And, sorry to see that the Blogger switch didn't work for Stuck on the Palmetto.)

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