Thursday, December 28, 2006

Following the Ford story

Here's the Bob Woodward story on his 2004 interview with Gerald Ford in which he said he wouldn't have gone into Iraq. More to come tomorrow in the Post.

And, a nice note from the news librarians who responded to a request for an official number of Gerald Ford's vetoes: there are presidential veto counts at the U.S. House Clerk's office, and at the American Presidency Project I mentioned yesterday. Thanks to those who contributed the links. So much better to get a good source rather than relying on wire stories (which did have the correct number but was the suggestion of a couple of researchers).

Interesting to see that our current President has had only one veto.

For much more on President Ford, a great collection of links to research resources was on Al's Morning Meeting yesterday. I guess I missed it when I checked in the morning.

In the Miami Herald, Elinor Brecher and Luisa Yanez tell the story about a 1976 visit by Ford to Miami, where he lambasted Fidel Castro.

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