Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh yeah, that war

It's still happening.

And so it goes, with the same old 'Told you so's':

In Hullaballoo, Digby reminds us about the 'mission accomplished'.

The Carpetbagger finds that even the press is being exonerated by the right these days: according to The National Review's Rich Lowry,
Most of the pessimistic warnings from the mainstream media have turned out to be right... Conservatives need to realize that something is not dubious just because it’s reported by the New York Times.


Glenn Greenwald reminds us that the war was supposed to improve our image in the world.

And, Tariq Ali says the war is already lost. (I still have a photo I took when attending the London School of Economics in 1966 of Ali in an anti-Vietnam march nearby. Things never change.)

Dan Froomkin reviews the year in the White House, and says Bush is ending the year on the same note as he started it:
The year 2006 started with President Bush firmly in denial about how terribly wrong his war in Iraq has gone. It ends that way, too.
But in between, something changed: Bush lost his parade.

Dave Winer wants to know if it's time to stand up.

Meanwhile, what's with that dead deer on Cheney's lawn?

And, can you believe the flurry over Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen's sending of a Christmas card with an image of an Afghan girl on it? (Seems to me that Mary must have looked a lot like her....)



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