Thursday, December 14, 2006

News about the news

Several things worth pointing out today, for those who didn't see them on Romenesko first:

The Chicago Tribune has a long analysis of the troubles between The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald: Culture Clash. Seems there's no compromise here, as some Miami journalists interviewed for the story see no problem with reporters also being paid by the government, claiming it's normal procedure in Latin countries.
Not so, says former NY Times Washington Bureau Chief Bill Kovach:
He pointed to a 1994 declaration of principles of a free press by the Inter American Press Association that links the credibility of the press to "its commitment to truth, to the pursuit of accuracy, fairness and objectivity."
"They're out of touch with their own people," Kovach said, referring to some of the Spanish-language journalists in South Florida. "It hasn't worked its way up to Miami yet."

A day or so ago, Romenesko linked to a memo inviting journalists to apply for the job of assistant to Bob Woodward, with the warning it would be a strenuous position: The Boston Herald today says hundreds of resumes are coming in.

There's also news of a new website devoted entirely to the situation in Iraq. Iraqslogger was founded by, among others, former CNN chief Eason Jordan. There's news by category, like casualties, contractors, journalists, good news, humor and heros, links to prominent media sources and blogs, and Iraqslogger's blogs, including one from Sayed, who was one of the first Iraqi bloggers on his own site, Healing Iraq. The site hasn't gone public yet, according to a posting by Jordan, but will be launched next week.

One other thing that caught my eye: Gannett gives awards to editors at their papers who help facilitate their papers' outreach to readers via the Web. 15 editors are winners this year of the Supervisor Recognition Awards. A good way for a company to recognize the importance of online.

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