Friday, December 22, 2006

An early Weekend update, with Christmas music, terrorism resources, and more

Had a big project this week and I know the weekend will be crowded, so time to post this week's stuff now before I (finally) get started on baking some cookies. I may not post here for a few days but hope I'll get some photos to post on the HighlandsCam blog.

Here's one that needs to be posted before the holiday: Going caroling this weekend? Check out the Christmas Carol Database: free and searchable, from AskSam. Search/browse online, or download.

Sheila Lennon pointed out some links to a lovely piece of music which ran on 'Studio 60' a couple weeks ago and repeated on Monday (this one could be repeated again): the wonderful New Orleans musicians' rendition of Oh Holy Night. Great story behind the piece, too.

And here's a nice note for news librarians: Credible and Credited: the rise of Newspaper Librarians (PDF) study from the UK of The Guardian's library.

And some good new resources for terrorism research:
  • Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism; includes a Knowledge Base and Information Center, and an 'On this date' feature.
  • UN Action to Counter Terrorism, news and info for the new anti-terrorism global strategy.
  • The Militant Ideology Atlas from the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

    And, one more thing: nice to see The Miami Herald picking up on the story first reported by Bob Norman at the Daily Pulp, posting news of a Washington family looking for their lost daugher after she gave birth prematurely and left her son at the hospital where he was born.

    Happy holidays to all of you, and thanks for sticking around with me for 6 years (on the 7th now, since the early November anniversary).
    And to my friends in South Florida stuck with the nasty flu going around down there: get better.

    More links:

  • A Guide to the American Revolution, at Library of Congress.

  • Latest Census update on population change

  •, 'Top news from around the net', described as 'Google News with editors' by one source.

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • The 12 unwritten rules of cell phone etiquette, from digitalmediawire.
  • True Films: Kevin Kelly lets us know about reality films worth watching.
  • Links to military training manuals and other warfare guides on IraqSlogger.
  • InfoPlease Editor's Blog
  • UN Pulse, blog from the UN's Dag Hammarskjold Library.
  • Social Media, new blog site from J D Lasica.


    • Happy holidays.
      Thanks for linking my blog.
      As a librarian who believes in knowledge sharing, I wish to share something with you.
      My 2007 resolution is a friendly deal to get more comments at my blog and promptly reciprocate.
      Best wishes for 2007.

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